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Shape your own success!
On the job experience, fully paid with university support

Are you interested in a career in Accounting and Business Servicing? Are you passionate about helping yourself and others reach their goals?

At A3 we will help support you financially and emotionally through your Business or Commerce degree whilst you gain invaluable on the job skills and training. We will challenge you, we will make you laugh, and we will mentor you so you become the best you can be.

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The Accession3 Trainee Program, within our accounting division, combines study and practical experience at our Toowoomba firm. You have the choice of either studying a Degree through university or a Diploma through TAFE.

Upon successful completion of the program, you are eligible to apply for appointment as an Accountant with Accession3.

A genuine interest in the accounting field is required as well as a desire to pursue a career in the industry. Employment under the trainee program is awarded on a combination of academic results, personal attributes and other skills.

The position will be awarded to a year twelve student, who has recently graduated or is graduating in 2016. It is performance based so your progress is monitored closely throughout your employment.

For the first six months at Accession3, you will be employed under a probationary period. Your position is full-time and your pay is based on the Queensland Clerical Employee Award.

Employment for the successful trainee would commence on a mutually agreed upon date. Flexibility would be offered for study, exam periods and other necessary activities. Enquiries should be made at the time of your interview.

Working at Accession3

If you’re interested in Accounting, and you want to further your career opportunities with study, a trainee position with us will allow you the best of both worlds and ready you for success.

Our program offers a lively, hands-on career where you’ll be working with experienced professionals and a friendly team. We’ll value you as an asset and treat you as such from day one.

About Us

We are a young and energetic firm who takes pride in looking after our staff. As a trainee within one of Australia’s fastest growing industries, you’ll join an industry which has a wide range of great career opportunities. On the trainee program, you’ll earn while you learn, gain national qualifications, and enjoy working with a team that’s interested in seeing you succeed.

The difference you can make

A career in the accounting industry allows you to make a contribution to people’s lives. Our firm offers more than just compliance work, as our focus is on wealth creation. You’ll be providing clients with the tools that will be making a difference to their lives. You’ll be challenged, and you’ll gain experience in many areas.

Learning pathway

The Trainee Program offers a number of study possibilities. Choose your study path from the below alternatives.

Option 1 – Bachelor of Commerce or Business Majoring in Accounting
This Degree can be studied through a number of Universities. Examples include, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Griffith University, the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

An example of studying this degree through the University of Southern Queensland –

  • Comprises of 8 core Commerce subjects, 8 Accounting subjects plus a further 8 minor or elective subjects – 24 subjects in total.
  • Ideally, the program will be completed within 5-6 years part-time external study.
  • Visit and search for Bachelor of Business (BBus) or Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) to learn more about the University and these degrees or telephone 1800 269 500.

Course Fees
For pre-approved courses, Accession3 will pay up to 60% of the pre-paid course costs. Course costs are approximately $1,100-$1,300 per subject, which over 24 subjects, equates to approximately $32,000.

Option 2 – Diploma of Accounting (FNS50210)
This course is studied on-line externally through TAFE Open Learning

  • This diploma is made up of 9 units
  • 6 core units
  • 3 core units
  • Visit to learn more about TAFE Opening Learning. Search for Course Code FNS50210 or Diploma of Accounting or telephone 1800 657 387.

Course Fees
For pre-approved courses, Accession3 will pay 75% of the Diploma course costs and compulsory text books.

Option 3 – Diploma of Accounting followed by a Bachelor of Commerce or Business
Completion of the above Diploma may lead to some exemptions in related University Degrees.

By choosing to complete a Diploma of Accounting first, you may then decide to further your career opportunities by obtaining a Degree. As exemptions usually apply, the number of degree subjects can be reduced substantially.

This is an investment in your future, which therefore takes a commitment from you and should be considered carefully. We are more than happy to discuss your study path further with you.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming the 2017 Cadet with Accession3 Business Advisers, please post a resume with a personal statement included, contact details from a professional referee and a personal referee, and your most recent two semesters’ report cards to:

Accession3 Business Advisers
Attention: Rebecca Apel
PO Box 622
Toowoomba QLD 4350

Applications close on the 7th of October.

Thank you for your interest in the Accession3 Trainee Program. We look forward to receiving your application!

Want more information?

For more information about our Accession3 Trainee Program, please telephone Rebecca Apel on 07 4613 0311 or e-mail Visit our website to find out more about us:


“My name is Taylor Riley and I have been part of the Accession 3 cadetship program since October 2015. Being part of the A3 accounting team whilst undertaking my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Southern Queensland provides me with invaluable opportunities to extend my knowledge in a practical working environment. I have the support of experienced team members to mentor and guide me through my university studies. Accession3 takes away the stress of completing my degree, not only with full time paid work but also flexibility with study leave and reimbursement for a percentage of uni fees. By the time I graduate from university I will have had extensive real life work experience, strengthening my prospects and aspirations for an exciting and rewarding professional career.”

– Taylor Riley, Accession3 Cadet

“It has been a great 4 years working at Accession3 whilst completing my Bachelor of Commerce at USQ. I have learnt a lot on the job at Accession3 which has helped me with my studies, and to be able to apply the knowledge I have gained from my work to study gives me that extra guidance in my degree. Not only do I get real world experience but a percentage of my HECS fees are also paid for. At the end of the year when I have graduated, I will not only have completed a university degree, but I will also have 4 years of real world experience. I would definitely recommend working at Accession3 as a trainee accountant whilst completing your university studies.”

– Conor Hilton, Accession3 Trainee Accountant