5 Ways To Save On Your Life Insurance

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  1. Loyalty

Many insurers offer additional benefits depending on your length of time as a customer. Over time, these can add up.

  1. Multi-life discounts

Some insurers off a discount where you and your partner/spouse obtain insurance through them. You can also get large “workplace discounts” if a group of employees of the same business get insurance together through the same insurer.

  1. Check out of inflation

The automatic CPI increase each year is optional. You can opt-out of this at any time.

  1. Pay through a platform

Some insurers offer a discount if you pay for your insurance through one of their investment or superannuation products. In some instances, this could save you up to 10%!

  1. Review it every year!

Insurance requirements are fluid and can change over time. Your needs will be at their peak when you have kids & debt but as they age and reduce your insurance needs will reduce with them and this can be a great opportunity to reduce the level of cover and thus, the premium.

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