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The two biggest things people search for are simple: the desire to be happy and the desire to feel satisfied with life. To attain these goals and to achieve great satisfaction and personal satisfaction in your life and career, consider working to incorporate within yourself these 10 simple qualities:

Accept the challenge
You know there are challenges in all areas of life, accept it and face it head on. Have faith that each challenge will help you to grow, through success, lessons learnt or at the very least the knowledge that you gave it a go. Some challenges will be rewarding whilst others will be painful.

Be self-reliant
We are not in an age of entitlement, I note some may disagree. The buck stops with you, not to say you can’t ask for help or have others working with you on a project, but realise what you put in is what you will get out of it. Be that person that both you and others can depend upon.

See opportunity
Appreciate what you have and make yourself see everything around you as an opportunity. An opportunity to take a risk, to learn something, to teach someone, to succeed. Open your eyes and be positive.

Don’t be so serious
Laugh more, at a situation, a joke, yourself. Take time out for yourself change the routine, break the monotony enjoy your down time, enjoy a holiday.

Help someone else
If you have ever looked up to someone or engaged with a mentor you know how much there is to learn and that we can all use some help on occasions. It is your turn to give that feeling to someone else. Not only will you help with their learning and success but you may even increase your own feeling of success and fulfillment.

What is your purpose?
Set goals!! SMARTA – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely and be Accountable to yourself or someone else. Be busy chasing your targets and objectives. They give you motivation and force you to be creative and focused.

Attitude is a choice
Learn to change the way you think, the way you act and the way you speak. Be kind and positive to yourself and those around you, keep moving forward.

Associate with positivity
The people you socialise with and the people you work with have a large influence on you. This may be unconsciously but the more you are around people the more you will take on their way of thinking, or their characteristics. So associate with people who are motivated, are positive, who want to learn, who want to teach and who want to succeed.

Work Hard
There are very few in the world who do not work hard for what they achieve. Turn the stress into hard work and reap the rewards.

You are not a victim
You will not grow as a person or grow your business if you see yourself as the victim. We are all responsible for our own thoughts and our own actions. Make them work for you. Find what makes you happy or what you believe will make you happy and work towards it.


Author: Myf Rigby

Email Myf: myf@accession3.com

Source: Sherrie Campbell, Entrepreneur.com